swallowed the world…

October 22, 2016


My mother taught me the skill of curses, and her mother taught her, back and back and back into the green land where the small folk were as thick as the air. A good curse is not said quickly, it is a slow thing. A good curse is no worse than spoiled milk. It is not about the milk. It is about the day that the spoiled milk occurs on.

See. The trick of it is to have punishments that line up in the shadows of sins. A good curse cannot be shallow. It must be ever deep, a forever that happens on the head of a pin.

A small example. A man pushed me down today in his hurry to pass me. Out of all of the paths, he chose through me. I am small and working and on the carpet of our store I skin my knee. It is okay. My mouth swallowed the world and spat back up a gold watch. The man stops by our jewellery counter. He asks to see that one in the front. I am cleaning blood off my palms. Taking off his old watch, he breaks the clasp. The gold doesn’t suit him. And he’s late for a meeting. And now it’s raining. A curse is a good thing, sometimes. Good things in the wake of being cruel never turn out pure.

A large example. Every interviewer who sits with women of talent and asks them questions about their weight and rabbit food and makeup. This is a bloodless crime, a drill in the heads of little girls watching professional women debased by their dresses. A bloodless curse. Every night, a plague: you were in the room with one of the most talented people of our age, and you didn’t ask them. Each night is another question. What could you have learned from them? The curse, this curse. A quiet one.

Here is how it is done. You are earth, and to cast a curse brings one back. So you live good, in a way that makes others curse you. See. The young girl is working and happy, but the man does not like where she is standing. The women are successful and deadly, but we are taught it is one or the other, brains or beauty.

Here is the trick my mother taught me. The best revenge is a life worth living.

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