liked to see children squirm…

October 27, 2016


“Can I help you?”

The voice was as dry and dusty as the shop, and Mike jumped. He turned round shamefaced, a sheepish grin on his face. The grin died as soon as he set eyes on the gorgon in front of him. The woman was small, of an indeterminate age – although if he had to guess he would have put her at somewhere in her late fifties – and formidable. She looked like a schoolteacher, one who liked to see children squirm, and her eyes were like flint. Obviously tired of waiting for Mike to pull himself together, she repeated the words, and this time her tone spoke volumes.

“I said, can I help you?”

“Please. There’s a mirror, in the window. I was wondering how much it was?”

She smiled, an expression apparently alien to her normally. All of a sudden he felt like a lamb staring down a wolf, and told himself not to be so stupid.

“Wait here, sir, while I get it. You can take a closer look.”

“Uh, the price?”

“Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.” She disappeared into the depths of the shop, and Mike shivered. He felt as if someone had walked over his grave.

She brought the mirror out, and it was perfect. At least he hoped it was. It was obviously quite old, but someone had loved it. It was in perfect condition, and the glass seemed to drink in the light, the reflection crystalline in its purity. He could see his face, looking pleased with himself, the shop looking less dingy than he knew it was, and something…Somehow, he found himself back out on the street, blinking in the sunlight, the mirror in his arms. He couldn’t remember paying for it, or even how much it had cost – just the tinkle of the bell as the door shut behind him.

Marie O’Regan
Mirror Mere

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