Catching the wife in flagrante delicto

October 29, 2016


My wife has been having a friend over every Saturday for a few months. Sometimes I’m home and sometimes I’m not. Just depends on work. So last week I happened to be scheduled a long shift. She had already mentioned her friend coming over. Most of the time they just sit in the living room and watch TV and talk and drink beer.

Well I happened to get off work a few hours early. I rarely text before coming home. I just pulled into the driveway. Her friends car was on the drive. I open the front door and the lights are off in the living room. Nobody in there. Nobody in the kitchen. I walk back to the bedroom. Door was partially open. Lights were out and candles lit. Lesbian porn showing on the TV. I walk in and my wife is naked on the bed laying on her back. Her friend is also naked eating my wife’s pussy.

When I walk in they both turn and see me. My wife looks at me, her face flushed scarlet and she almost shrieks, ‘You’re early – this isn’t what it looks like! I can explain…’


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