And Make Thunder His Tribute

November 8, 2016


Diary 8th November

Mine are the memories of a lost amnesiac…

I see myself as the space between what I’d like to be and what others have made of me. So it is that, intoxicated by my madness, I go searching for reality in a world full of incomprehensible illusions – like a simple fool.

I think I must like to serve, however. I’m slave to the past, to the future – and slave to the two women in my life, also…


You know birds born in a cage believe flight to be an illusion. Yeah, see, you can learn something new every single day – providing you pay attention.

D’you know where the caged birds sing…?


Let’s Keep It This Way

I like it this way:
you not knowing anything about me,
you touching me like each
inch teaches you something new.
Let’s keep it like this:
you as the secret and
me as a stranger, a ghost,
the silence in your
parked car that leaves you choked.
I want my name to be the one
that gets caught
in the back of your throat.

Lora Mathis


I know people so damn poor all they have is money…

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