at one with the fey and the dead

November 9, 2016


The salve has another purpose, hidden in the ingredient list. Not the baby fat suggested in the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ (which Redgrove intuits to be menstrual blood), but a more subtle one. It is often compounded with soot. A small detail, this is overlooked as not sensational or psychoactive enough, yet for me this small detail has been revelatory. One purpose of the salve with this ingredient is to blacken the face and limbs, just as Shiva is smeared with ash from the cremation ground. We are becoming dead, as spirits invisible to the living who cannot see us risen in the whirlwind. To be as no man, no one, to pass unchallenged in the bacchanal and spirit throng having erased our name among the living, we are now forever changed, at one with the fey and the dead. We are mummers, morris, beelzebus – burned black by the fierce sun of the grave, involved in something archaic yet vital.

Peter Grey
Apocalyptic Witchcraft

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