barbaric invocations and incantations

November 24, 2016


A necromancer or a sorcerer who works with these weird rituals and carries out barbaric invocations and incantations is incapable of systematically carrying out an orderly incantation, i.e. of speaking with the spiritual being. Nor does he have the ability to represent an authority, because a sorcerer or necromancer lacks the magical maturity and development. At best, a necromancer might achieve an ecstatic state during such an operation, but it cannot be considered any more than simply a mere shout into that particular zone, even when his citations are most terrifying and appear very promising to him.

In most cases, the sorcerer is subjected to the most corrupt hallucinations due to the ecstatic state in which he finds himself. Under the most favourable circumstance, an elemental or elementary could be created involuntarily as a result of the ecstatic tension of the sorcerer’s nerve energies during his inadequate invocation. However, this depends on how much nerve energy the sorcerer projects from his magic circle into the magic triangle. Unbeknownst to the sorcerer, this elementary will assume the form of the desired being, because the sorcerer cannot distinguish this being from the one he is trying to evoke and thus considers this being to be the one he summoned.

Franz Bardon
The Practice of Magical Evocation

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