Barefoot on a Bed of Coals

December 4, 2016


Diary 4th December

Saturday night was party night. A mad, bad impossible night. Spent with old friends, exploring limits and experiencing ‘beyond’.

Too much drink.

Too much food.

Too much…


Here, where reticence used to stop me, you taught me to continue – to go further, to that point where your breathing nearly stops, becomes a faint dry wheezing inside of you like some air hungry beast. Then the tears flow, but your eyes tell me not to stop – they pray for me to continue until your moans become screams, and your body writhes in spasms of pain / pleasure. The ecstasy of agony. You don’t run from it, but instead welcome it. Your joy is to ask for these torments of the flesh. You sacrifice yourself to that final orgasm, your safe word unspoken…


Tonight we celebrate ‘A’s birthday. More booze, a wide selection of Indian food, laughter and gifts. It’ll probably take me days to recover from this weekend.

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