Decadent desire haunts them

January 10, 2017


With dollhouses as with lovers, some open in the front, and some open in the rear. Which way do Richard Hawkins’s haunted dollhouses open? Maybe they don’t open; maybe they open in ways no dollhouse has ever done before. They’re gay and more: transvestite, transgendered, between and beyond genders. Decadent desire haunts them; in turn, they expose and exaggerate desire and its seemingly supernatural powers.

In dollhouses, boys are always toys.

Derek McCormack
Richard Hawkins and the Haunted Dolls’ House

whiter than snow

January 10, 2017


We travelled north on an icy February morning on the train from Euston, through a landscape touched by Jack Frost. Woods, fields and hedgerows. A blinding crystalline white etched against a blue sky. The hoar frost shimmered whiter than snow, each leaf and twig, the frozen grass. Motionless white. The hills and valleys hallucinated. I only saw this once, except on postcards. The beams of the February sun, brighter than midsummer, melted the crystals, and by the time we reached Manchester it was a memory. There is no way we could describe what we saw, it would be as impossible as describing the face of God.

Derek Jarman

Your fantasy…?

January 10, 2017