dying from drunkenness of life

January 15, 2017


White lilies pressed against the nudity of my bosom. I offer white lilies to what hurts me in you. For we are beings who lack. This because certain things – if they are not given – wilt. For example, the lilies’ petals would burn against the warmth of my body. I call the light breeze for my future death. I will have to die, otherwise my petals will burn. This is why I give myself up to death every day. I die and I am born again. Moreover, I have already died from the death of others. But now I am dying from drunkenness of life. And I bless the warmth of the living body that wilts white lilies.

Hélène Cixous
Three Steps on the Ladder to Writing
(trans. Sarah Cornell & Susan Sellers)

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