Shoulder the sky my lad

January 22, 2017


Diary 20th January

Cold clear morning. The sunlit landscape looks almost surreal stretched out to infinity beneath this vast sky. Brown Willie is a purple haze on the horizon. Small puddles of water at the edge of the drive have frozen overnight.

Inauguration day today for Donald Trump.

But I must go shopping. Lots to do.


Supermarkets are unusually busy today. Geriatric drivers everywhere, their heads full of deathwatch beetles. Memo to self: clean the gull shit off the passenger side door handle of the car!


Apparently police officers in Bristol have tasered their own race relations adviser. They mistook him for a suspect, or so it’s been suggested(?). When approached by officers he declined to give his name, so they fired a taser into his face!

Trigger happy or what?

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