only the moonlight

March 19, 2017

In the beginning there was only the moonlight and the rain and the mud that was left once the rain had stopped and the footprints left in the mud made by my boots from when I had stood outside in the rain standing by the gate through the whole storm watching out into the nothing that was on the other side of the fence and once the rain had passed and I had trudged indoors dredging the mud across my floors and it was only the moonlight and an inch of rainwater collecting in my footprints in the yard and also upon the thin bodies of the night blooming flowers from out in the distance the animals began talking with the world and I lay in my bed by the open window listening to that world being born out there and watched the swans rise into the air to greet the light of the dark sky with the down of their soaring backs and that’s when you came home to find me asleep upstairs having tried so hard to stay awake but failing and you woke me with the softest hands and your face was the first thing I saw in this new place

Anis Mojgani
The Swans

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