The Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls
are unbeautiful and have comfortable minds
(also, with the church’s protestant blessings
daughters, unscented shapeless spirited)
they believe in Christ and Longfellow, both dead,
are invariably interested in so many things –
at the present writing one still finds
delighted fingers knitting for the is it Poles?
perhaps. While permanent faces coyly bandy
scandal of Mrs. N and Professor D
….the Cambridge ladies do not care, above
Cambridge if sometimes in its box of
sky lavender and cornerless, the
moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy

e e cummings


April 2, 2017

A touch of cold in the Autumn night –
I walked abroad,
And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge
Like a red-faced farmer.
I did not stop to speak, but nodded;
And round about were the wistful stars
With white faces like town children.

T.E. Hulme

Self Love Jar

April 2, 2017

a little bottle or jar
wax, pink if you can
sugar for peace
vanilla for tenderness
dried rose for love
dried mint for positivity
dried sage to keep negative thoughts away
lavender for calm and love
a love stone such as rose quartz (if you have one)

How to proceed:
1. Take the time to light a candle, meditate if you wish and focus on your intent: self love, feeling love for yourself, seeing your beauty, etc. Visualize it clearly and with as many details as possible.
2. Add the sugar at the bottom of your jar, then all the other ingredients in layers. With each ingredient, repeat your wish for loving yourself.
3. Finally, add the lid to your bottle and seal it with the wax (I used vanilla wax here), focusing on your intent one last time
4. Add a pink ribbon if you wish.
5. Keep the jar with you and don’t hesitate to pull it out every time you feel self doubt overpowering you!

BDSM is fun

April 2, 2017

Note the use of the word ‘play’ – for many kinksters it is precisely that, a form of play. BDSM is fun, brings excitement and happiness into their lives and feels like a healthy part of who they are and what they do. For example, two friends of mine have a continuous D/s relationship. One of the rules in their relationship is that she cannot have any crisps without his permission. So there she is, holding her hand just above a bowl of crisps, not touching them and there’s a huge grin on her face. He tries to look stern “I said no, girl. You don’t want to get into trouble, trust me”. Her hand hovers there for a bit, then she grabs hold of one of the crisps, pushes it into her mouth and runs, laughing and protesting. BDSM can bring excitement and fun to everyday situations.

Marijke Vonk
Kinky Play

Lesbian confessions

April 2, 2017

I’m a married forty year old mother of two boys, and last summer I seduced my best friend’s seventeen year old daughter. It was her first time. Now I’m besotted with her and we go to bed together at every opportunity. I know it’s wrong, but I never want it to end.

Source HERE

True Confession

April 2, 2017

watching a boy unbutton his pants to take his dick out makes me have the same feeling like when I’m in a restaurant and i see my food coming to my table.

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Eating his flesh

April 2, 2017

When devouring the flesh of a man who has wronged you, eat as much as you can. You need food to grow and you can never be too big or too strong.

Deep in each man is the knowledge that something knows of his existence. Something knows, and cannot be fled nor hid from.

Cormac McCarthy
The Crossing

93 Percent Smiling

April 2, 2017

2nd April

Sunday morning. For some a time to think of hangover cures. For others a welcome ‘lay-in’. It’s a time for cuddles and kisses and sensuous embraces under the covers. For breakfast in bed. For contemplating life, the universe and everything. For going to church, or just listening to the grass grow.


At 1.40 am last Friday morning Gabby and Dee were fiercely arguing. I did not interrupt but remained listening to their raised voices in my bedroom. They had both been drinking and alcohol fuelled their anger.

‘Stop provoking me,’ Gabby yelled at one point. ‘Just stop fucking provoking me, Dee. I mean it.’

Their anger was fast become phosphorescent. The stupid thing was the argument probably began in fun: one or other of them taking the piss in a light-hearted way; but then, because of the drink, offence was taken – that’s usually the way it begins between them.

Oh, how they love, these two. Such volatile individuals. Love and hate, the two sides of the same coin. They only forgave each other Saturday evening. They drifted like a pair of ghosts through Friday evening and Saturday daytime. Then, finally, Saturday evening Dee spoke –

‘Would you mind if I looked at your copy of Cosmo.’

And everything was suddenly alright between them. Communication resumed. They kissed and made up.