April 12, 2017


April 12, 2017

When I am old and honoured
With silver in my purse
All criticism over
All men singing my praise
I will purchase a lonely cottage
With nothing facing its door,
But the cliffs of Aberdaron
And the wild waves on the shore

For there I will discover
In the stormy wind and its cry
Echoes of the old rebellion
My soul knew in days gone by
And I will sing with the old passion
While gazing through the door
At the cliffs of Aberdaron
And the wild waves on the shore

Cynan Evans-Jones


April 12, 2017

the world of death

April 12, 2017

Man lives between the world of silence from which he comes and the world of the other silence to which he goes – the world of death. Human language also lives between these two worlds of silence and is upheld by them. That is why language has a double echo: from the place whence it came and from the place of death.

Language receives innocence, simplicity, and originality from the silence whence it came, but its short duration, its fragility, and the fact that language never entirely corresponds to the things it is describing, come from the second silence, death.

Max Picard
The World of Silence
(trans. Stanley Godwin)

the Inner Path

April 12, 2017

So be very sure of yourself before seeking entry to the Inner Arenas, and don’t say you weren’t warned. Once in, there’s no turning back. One has to go on, and on, and on, to the bitter bloody end, because one has to. No matter how horrible, how frustrating or more frequently how blatantly boring the Inner Path may seem, it has to be plodded to the very final and sometimes terrible end before it enters PERFECT PEACE PROFOUND wherein nothing can harm or hurt you ever again. You can’t just ‘take up Magic’ like some hobby and abandon it when you feel inclined. You may, and periodically should, have resting periods during which nothing much appears on the surface while a good deal is developing underneath.

Nevertheless, once you become part and parcel of the Magical Tradition, especially that of the West, expect difficulties from all directions…

William G Gray
Letter to Alan Richardson, 2nd March 1973