April 15, 2017

When midnight comes a host of dogs and men
Go out and track the badger to his den,
And put a sack within the hole, and lie
Till the old grunting badger passes by.
He comes an hears – they let the strongest loose.
The old fox gears the noise and drops the goose.
The poacher shoots and hurries from the cry,
And the old hare half wounded buzzes by.
They get a forked stick to bear him down
And clap the dogs and take him to the town,
And bait him all the day with many dogs,
And laugh and shout and fright the scampering hogs.
He runs along and bites at all he meets:
They shout and hollo down the noisy streets.

He turns about to face the loud uproar
And drives the rebels to their very door.
The frequent stone is hurled where’er they go;
When badgers fight, then everyone’s a foe.
The dogs are clapped and urged to join the fray’
The badger turns and drives them all away.
Though scarcely half as big, demure and small,
He fights with dogs for hours and beats them all.
The heavy mastiff, savage in the fray,
Lies down and licks his feet and turns away.
The bulldog knows his match and waxes cold,
The badger grins and never leaves his hold.
He drives the crowd and follows at their heels
And bites them through – the drunkard swears and reels

The frighted women take the boys away,
The blackguard laughs and hurries on the fray.
He tries to reach the woods, and awkward race,
But sticks and cudgels quickly stop the chase.
He turns again and drives the noisy crowd
And beats the many dogs in noises loud.
He drives away and beats them every one,
And then they lose them all and set them on.
He falls as dead and kicked by boys and men,
Then starts and grins and drives the crowd again;
Till kicked and torn and beaten out he lies
And leaves his hold and crackles, groans, and dies.

John Clare

My Name

April 15, 2017

Undoing spells

April 15, 2017

Some magic can be undone. Some cannot. Imagine magical spells are puzzles. If you can find all the pieces, you can solve it and undo the magic. Some kinds of magic are very easy to undo, like jar spells. You seriously just have all the pieces sitting together in a jar, and when you are done with the spell you take the jar apart to dispel the magic.

Sometimes, magic is not so easy to undo. If, for example, you throw the jar in a river or bury it somewhere and you can never find it again. Other times, the magic is purely energetic. This means you must have a method of seeking out the magic on the ethereal or astral levels and undoing it with your will.

A witch who never, ever wants a spell to be undone can surely take steps to ensure that it will be so. I will not share how, but suffice to say it can be accomplished. A witch who wants their magic to be easily undone can also take certain steps.

• Keep all of the spell together.

• Keep the ingredients together – if you are supposed to keep a knot, or a jar, or something else, keep it where you won’t lose it.

• Keep your spell notes so you know what actually happened. This will help you understand how it can be undone.

• When you cast the spell, make certain provisions so it can be undone. Such as, “if I burn this sigil and say EXCELSIOR, then the spell is undone, the energy is dissipated, and will have no more effect from that point on.”

If you have made no such provisions, a spell may still be easy to undo. Take apart any physical remnants of the spell, such as untying (or burning) knots, taking apart poppets, etc. As you undo all of these things say, “this spell is undone. The spell I cast is released. It will have no more effect.” Repeat things to this effect over and over. Then take all of the remnants of the spell and destroy them; organic material is best burned if you can. Otherwise soak them in bleach or another strong cleanser and toss them out. If there is an inorganic elements such as stones or glass jars, clean them well in vinegar or whatever strong cleansing method is safe for the integrity of the stone. Once you are done cleansing or destroying the physical elements of the spell, light a new candle and some incense (or get in to your witchy-spell-headspace) and Announce that that spell is done and reduced to nothingness, and the natural order may again take hold. Then perform some nice purifying magic on anything you intend to keep.

If you encounter a situation where you wish to undo a spell but have no physical things, take a lit candle if you can. If this is impossible, go to where fire energy is – the Sun is good for this. Once again go to your witchy-spell-headspace, using whatever tools or ritual are necessary for you. When you are prepared, think of the spell itself. Think of when you cast it, what your intentions were, your target, and how it has taken effect. Imagine the entire spell as an astral knot. Call the knot to you and send it in to your source of fire to be burned away. Again, repeat things like “this spell is undone. The spell I cast is released. It will have no more effect.” The transformative powers of fire should quickly burn up the spell and destroy it.

Such techniques are only possible if you find the entirety of the spell. A witch with some know-how can spread the spell out so that all the parts can never be found, or disguise them or anchor them so they cannot be called away. If you cast your spell with the intent that it can never be undone, I am afraid you may find that to be true.

Ending a spell will not necessarily ‘undo’ what you have caused. Imagine magic as being like a flowing river. When you cast a spell, it adds dams to the river and digs new trenches. The flow of the water changes, and sometimes creates new paths for itself that you never planned for. So when you end a spell, and you remove the dams and fill in the trenches, the course of the river has already been changed. Water has been routed to new areas. Undoing the spell is as much of a shock to the river as putting it there in the first place, and the river will experience more upheaval as you remove your magic and it again needs to redirect its course. But there is no guarantee that the river will go back exactly how it was. It will find a new natural course. And all the flora and fauna that drowned or starved due to the change of the river will remain fed or dead.

So you can end many spells. But ending a spell does not mean that things will go back to the way they were. You are just removing the magic, you cannot go back in time and readjust everything to be exactly as it was.

Betrayal features in my work and always has done. It’s a feature of human nature, the kink in the mix that makes us the strange and interesting creatures we are. (I mean, we betrayed our own species back in the Cretacean period (I think it was), when we mated with Neanderthals. That makes most of us between 1 and 4% Neanderthal). The betrayal of love, the betrayal of truth, the betrayal of honour, the betrayal of innocence.

Mary O’Donnell
Self-Interview with Mary O’Donnell – Spring 2014

Violent sexual fantasy

April 15, 2017

I’d like to hogtie my wife on a sawhorse in the garage and have a group of men take her whatever way they wanted while I watched them.

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Saturday sex confession

April 15, 2017

I love it when a guy sticks his cock in my mouth, then asks me to answer a question while forcing my head down on it and making me almost gag – then him slapping me for not speaking coherently. Believe it or not, I’ve actually cum like that once or twice.

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Little lost souls

April 15, 2017

Diary 15th April

Mild bondage games with friends last night. Good Friday made more good. Laughter rather than gasps of pain. Huge fun all round.

Highlight of the evening?

E H queening Peedeel on the sitting room floor. She rather prim to begin, wearing a pair of big white sensible knickers. But after five minutes of smothering, the knickers were removed and she continued face sitting sans vêtements until her moment of crisis. Her Orgasme incontrôlé was spectacular to observe, and Peedeel almost fainting away with lack of air, was suddenly drowned – dans les jus naturels!


Tonight I M will join the girls for drinks and snacks. She has expressed curiosity about certain Sapphic practices (delights?). The girls have invited her to watch them both; to become a voyeur for an hour or two, or participate if the urge should occur. No rules. Just do what you feel you want to do, when you want. Discretion, as always, is assured.