totally disgusting – another Sunday sex confession

April 16, 2017

I can’t believe what I’ve done. I mean I’ve always been attracted to those things a girl’s never supposed to be attracted to. But when my bestest ever friend told me about her dogging adventures, I thought this sounds totally disgusting – but I’ve got to try it!

So I did.

We went together to a meet in this carpark beside woodland in the middle of nowhere. It was a warm evening last summer. We parked and glanced round at the other cars there. Less than a minute later two young males approached us. ‘This is it,’ said my friend, and we both got out.

A tall man came up to me and said, ‘Christ you’re so tiny I might break you. Like a doll.’ And I thought Oh God, yeah, break me all you want. And the next thing I was up on the bonnet of the car, legs spread wide as I could get them.

For nearly three hours I was fucked raw by groups of men who queued quietly for their “turn”: some of them were large, some small, some old, a few fairly young. Some had me more than once – most in actual fact – and a couple of them had me four times a piece, returning to the back of the queue each time they came inside me. Rough sex with total strangers, fantastic.

When I got home just after midnight, hubby was sleeping. I took a much needed shower, feeling like a very sore cum dumpster – but remembering different parts of the action in the shower, vivid flashbacks; God alone knew how many times I’d cum! It made me dizzy with fresh lust. I thought: No matter what happens I’ve got to do this again. It’s got to happen.

And it did.

Four more times since then. I’m addicted and don’t care.

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