Days of wine and roses

April 24, 2017

Diary 23rd / 24th April

Visitors. Daniel R and his strikingly beautiful wife. The weather bright to begin, then overcast, with a cold wind. Sheep on the moor. Back in the eleventh century a fleece might well have been worth the equivalent of £50; a ewe and lamb would have cost one shilling – say, £130 in today’s money. In the middle ages sheep were the principle wealth of England. Wool money built the great churches and created those beautiful country towns and villages from the Cotswolds to Suffolk – places now dependent on tourists for their survival. No money in wool now, of course. No money to speak of in sheep either.


Over indulged this weekend. Again. Fasting from today onwards. One week of fruit and water. Already looking forward to a huge tray of roasted vegetables at the weekend. Greatly missed my morning coffee today.

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