Spell for emotional Healing

May 14, 2017

Stone, crystal, or piece of jewellery
Pot of Soil
Healing/calming herbs and/or sigils (optional)

Take the stone (or jewellery) and charge it with your worries, stress, and weariness. Pour all the negativity into it. This is the time to let your emotions loose – cry, wail, curse like a sailor, whatever.

Dig a hole in your pot of soil, and lay your stone in it. Lay it nicely, like you’re putting it to bed. This stone represent you now, so be kind to it. You may also want to lay it with herbs or sigils for healing and calm – rose petals, lavender, rosemary, etc.

“I go down into the earth
to rest and heal and mend,
And when renewed, I will rise up
to walk the earth again.”

Bury the stone. As you bury it, imagine the dirt pulling the strain out of the stone, absorbing it, and purifying it. Imagine the dirt comforting the stone and giving it sanctuary.

Leave the stone in the soil until the New Moon (or any other day of new beginnings that works for you). Do some self-care in the meantime if you can – baths, books, food, etc.

Uncover your stone. Keep it with you as a charm, or leave it out someplace nice in a place you enjoy, whether it be in your home or in nature. Uncovering the stone is important, so don’t lose it if you’ve decided to bury it straight into the ground outside. Retreating for a while is fine, but it is important to rise again renewed and face the world.

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