May 24, 2017

Repetition of the sun climbing and a golden clementine.
Bend to a task, learn to unclothe a clementine.

He said, “Let me into your life so I might, in sweet
time, know you.” It begins: intimacy of a clementine.

Here I might stroll, then I might lounge, and dream.
There is meditation in contemplating a clementine.

My voice jittered, a near betrayal of my plan.
Could seduction lie in sections of a clementine?

With my own eyes I witnessed ice-chunks drifting
down the river. Thin membranes divide a clementine.

Around a piano tuned just right, the duo sang.
The refrain circled round a girl—darling Clementine.

Mainly a winter fruit, they disappear in spring.
Stay, Patricia says, and linger long, my lovely clementine.

Patricia Clark

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