orgasmed within a minute

June 4, 2017

I’m female, and masturbate every single night. Even when i’m on my period. My fantasies are always of me, being a male, and being pegged by another guy. I get off on the idea of anal so much.

I tried masturbating anally with the end of my hairbrush, and i orgasmed within a minute…i’m ashamed of my fantasies. But one day i’ll ask my boyfriend to do me the way I’ve imagined, for the better part of 2 years ongoing.

I think this desire to be fucked in the ass derives from me admiring gay couples. Normally its so pure and beautiful. The fact that someone can abandon their gender and love the same sex melts my heart. I love seeing men kiss and touch each other.

I should have been born a man to experience my fantasies correctly. But since i’m not, i guess this fantasy will never 100% come true. Sad to be honest.

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