begging and pleading

July 2, 2017

CBT can be used for control. The first thing which comes to mind is chastity and the great pains some of my subjects have endured during longer sentences. Chastity in and of itself can have volumes written on it, but I will describe some of the pains my submissives have reported. One of my charges was locked in a Ms. Lori’s Tube. If you’re not familiar, this device requires a genital piercing. The device incorporates the piercing to firmly hold you in. Any stirrings are quite painful. This reminded my charge of his place and who had control over him…constantly. Of course there is also the release part. Having another charge utilize Biofreeze as lubricant for his release was a shock to him. He could not release and therefore was put back into chastity. In this case he had the psychological torment of not being able to release as well as the physical anguish. He was a begging and pleading mess that promised nearly anything in exchange for his sentence to be ended. Control the orgasm…control the man.

Natalya Sadici
Vixen Sadist

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