Chocolate coated genitals…?

July 9, 2017

9th July

Light mist this morning. It clings to the eaves of neighbouring houses. Fingers of mist reach over the moor, lying heavy in the many dips and depressions, and along the curving route of the river. A close, muggy night –


In her eyes is the colour of the sea – but also its storms when she becomes emotional. Sweet Carnella, with her vampire kisses and razor-sharp fingernails. She is always so damn randy. Once she said she wished she could find a surgeon who’d remove a couple of her ribs – so she could eat her own pussy out!

She’d been drinking at the time. So perhaps it was a joke? Her’s was and is still a wicked sense of humour, like the time she left a large bar of milk chocolate on Ruth’s V-area.

That night Ruth was staying round Carnella’s following a party. She fell asleep, half-undressed on her bed, and Carnella slightly intoxicated placed the bar of chocolate inside Ruth’s knickers. Overnight it melted, of course. Come morning poor Ruth had chocolate pubes and pussy lips…She wasn’t amused, I recall –

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