a mad, gibbering, teetering sound…

July 17, 2017

“Bats !” I tried to tell myself, but a cold numbness ran down my arm — and no bat gives one
a punch like a prize-fighter.

“B-b-bats! ” I screamed in a frenzy.

No sooner was the word out, than there came from behind me a deep rumbling. The great door crashed thunderously into place with a violent bang.

I dared not turn round. Some awful magnetism kept me rooted as I stood, with my eyes
glued to the far wall.

I could see nothing ; but I could feel a Thing like a loathsome octopus-tentacle round my
neck holding me there, forcing me to gaze on what I had no wish to see.

I felt it coming : a flabby mass of warm, stinking flesh, covered with wet hairs, slithered
across my face.

By a supreme effort of will, I managed to move one foot. I knew that if I did not, I should
die. And as I moved it there came a sickening squelch beneath it, with a mad, gibbering,
teetering sound like some half-human creature being trodden upon. A fetid odour wrapped
round my mouth.

M P Dare
A Nun’s Tragedy

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