Strange visits to the other world

July 22, 2017

22nd July

Beware, boys & girls, it’s so terribly easy to become lost in the erotic world of faery. And it is that world which will provide the theme for our next fancy-dress party…

Indeed, it will be a time when language stops, a black hole, where contemporaneous reality ends, a big black full stop, glimpsed through the erotic flutter of faery wings. It will be an event to haunt us, like some half-remembered melody at twilight, the music of ghosts wandering about the ruins of ourselves…

It will be a marvelous piss-up, too!

And Peedeel will attend as Oberon (not as Nick Bottom, the cruel suggestion of those who should know better!). Dee will become Titania and Gabby will metamorphose into sweet Cobweb, her faery companion. Oh, what a good time it shall be –


Yes, yes, like Proust I purse phantoms, forms existing only in imagination. But don’t we all? It’s like sniffing flowers in the dark, because you may hold their souls at that time…You sense your life is being set to music, you are nothing but this figure in a foggy painting, a mere wisp of colour, here today and gone tomorrow…And, indeed, silence will have the last word –

3 Responses to “Strange visits to the other world”

  1. Patty said

    I really enjoyed this, and am sorry to say, your reblog link is not for whatever reason working, so I was not able to blog it.

    I wish you had a press this button, I like a lot of your works.

    • peedeel said

      Sorry about the reblog link. A friend checked it yesterday and it worked fine. So I can’t say what’s going on there. But I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


      • Patty said

        Computers and tech stuff are great till they go weird, and just because one thing doesn’t work for one doesn’t always mean it is not working. All’s well. Good job. I enjoy some of what you write, and thanks for replying.

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