“You’d think there was no place like hell”

– Robert Wrigley

I could not keep my eyes
off his hands.
They were hypnotizing.
Almost commanding the flames.
As he danced.
Before the gates
of a darker eternity.
He was conducting the strings
of my body.
And oh how I loved the song.
Too late –
he gave me its title.
And it isn’t so bad.
To be.
Red. In Death Sharp.

A J Huffman

Reflections, echoes, reverberating back and back to infinity: I have discovered the pleasure of having a long past behind me. I have not the leisure to tell it over to myself, but often, quite unexpectedly, I catch sight of it, a background to the diaphanous present; a background that gives it its colour and its light, just as rocks or sand show through the shifting brilliance of the sea. Once I used to cherish schemes and promises for the future; now my feelings and my joys are smoothed and softened with the shadowy velvet of time past.

Simone de Beauvoir
The Woman Destroyed
transl. Patrick O’Brian


July 26, 2017

I must wash myself clean with abstract thoughts, transparent as water.

Jean-Paul Sartre

My Powers

July 26, 2017

Strange desires

July 26, 2017