named this place

July 28, 2017

I know that the “57” in Heinz 57 refers to the number
of pickles that the company used to sell,
and that graham crackers and corn flakes were originally
created to prevent masturbation,
but I can’t tell you the difference between a seal and sea lion.
Or the difference between an alligator and a crocodile,
though I think it has to do something with the shape of their snouts.
Pumas and leopards are the same cats with different coloured coats, and something called
“the wingless fly” lives in Antarctica, but I only know this because I saw it on a PBS kid’s show once,
and also,
I had to google the spelling of Antarctica
because my computer dictionary told me I wasn’t even close.

You know, they say that there is a part
of the human chest that if you strike it hard enough,
it makes the person’s heart explode.
This sounds like such a lie that I have to believe it’s the truth.
If I were science, I’d never tell anyone where this place is.
If I were science, I’d have named this place after you.

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

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