Convincing my shadow

July 30, 2017

30th July

In a pub crowd yesterday, good people with one exception: Mr gob-on-a-stick, who has all the charisma of a potato chip – and an IQ to match. He’s off to live on Elba (thank goodness for small mercies). More money than sense, most of it inherited. A young magistrate who believes in elitism. The poor are a necessary evil, here to serve their betters –

‘It’s okay to burn bridges,’ I tell him, ‘because they’ll help light your way. ’ And ensure you don’t return –

We live in a society where money is the only source of true virtue. Mr gob-on-a-stick and his kind are the inevitable product of such a society.


One time I spent a month or more trying to convince my shadow I was someone else. It was a complete waste of my time. My shadow, so I learned from this futile exercise, has no feckin’ imagination whatsoever –


At least we’ve finished sending out party invites. The ‘Erotic World of Faery’ event will be the last week in August. Fingers crossed for some good weather. It’s all down to Robin Goodfellow now. I just love fancy dress parties. And it’s not just Faeries that’ll be putting in an appearance, either. No, there’ll be hobgoblins, witches, elves and a rich variety of wicked supernatural beings.

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