Hidden Things

August 2, 2017

Let them not seek to discover who I was
from all that I have done and said.
An obstacle was there that transformed
the deeds and the manner of my life.
An obstacle was there that stopped me
many times when I was about to speak.
Only from my most imperceptible deeds
and my most covert writings –
from these alone will they understand me.
But perhaps it isn’t worth exerting
such care and such effort for them to know me.
Later, in the more perfect society,
surely some other person created like me
will appear and act freely.

Constantine P. Cavafy

A Dream

August 2, 2017

My dead love came to me, and said:
‘God gives me one hour’s rest,
To spend with thee on earth again:
How shall we spend it best?’

‘Why, as of old,’ I said; and so
We quarrelled, as of old:
But, when I turned to make my peace,
That one short hour was told.

Stephen Phillips

conversation may help

August 2, 2017

…our lives are ‘examinable’ in the sense that each can be explored or described from different perspectives, in different ways. If one thinks of psychoanalytic exploration as a conversation that allows the person to make “our lives more interesting, or funnier, or sadder…or whatever it is about ourselves that we value and want to promote; and especially if it helps us find new things about ourselves that we didn’t know we could value.” Further, psychoanalytic treatment as a conversation may help the person understand what stops them from “having the conversation they want” – what hampers the relationship with others that they value. This conversation can foster getting the person “back on track”.

Adam Phillips
On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored: psychoanalytic essays on the unexamined life

Understanding time

August 2, 2017

My dear, you never will understand time, will you? You’re always trying to be the person you were instead of the person you are tonight.

Ray Bradbury
Dandelion Wine