Brick by brick

August 20, 2017

Brick by brick
My castle grows
The towers rise
Out of the forest
Climbing into the air
Until they reach the stars
Joining earth and sky
Binding moon and sun
In the promise
Of magic to come

Sammi Cox

suitable last words

August 20, 2017

The Laurias came to Hammersing heath in the very bleakest of springs, and Mrs. Lauria, her urban spirit altogether failing at the sight of the place, went upstairs a few days after the removal with the suitable last words, “I am going to rest,” and lay down and died.

Phyllis Paul
We are Spoiled

‘I want to taste your flesh,’ he said. ‘Know your secret pleasures.’

‘I understand,’ she replied, quietly.

‘Do you? Because I love you louder than your demons will ever be able scream – ’

Without uttering another word he taped her mouth. She knew her position was hopeless. She was bound hand and foot, naked, totally at his mercy. Whatever perverted things he desired – sick fantasies of rape and violation. It was all possible now. And she’d given her consent…

He could rip the fucking soul from her body – what had she been thinking?

Then she heard him say, ‘The things I’ll do to you won’t feel that bad. At least to begin with. Best you lay still and let them happen. Don’t think about them. Try to take pleasure from each new experience…In time you’ll become addicted to my little games. Believe me you’ll crave them.’

She wanted to reply, to speak, but she couldn’t. Her head was a mad chaos of fear and passion. She made a series of muffled sounds behind the gag.

And then, God help her, he began.

She felt his hands on her. It was as if nerves in her body were being uncovered – once exposed they would hurt horribly. They would go on hurting all the rest of her life with a pain she’d never experienced before. A new agony let lose in the world. Behind her gag was a muffled cry or shout that she felt would never stop.

He was a cruel man, but exceptionally generous. After each fresh torment inflicted, he would mutter endearments to her.

Julian Paul
The Doll’s House

He was trembling slightly with the humiliation of this situation. He’d removed his clothes as she’d ordered, and now he started rubbing and pulling his cock. He looked down at the floor as he rubbed, blushing, hoping to hell he could cum quickly and get this ordeal over with.

‘I see that thing of yours is nice and hard, eh?’ she said. ‘You’re enjoying wanking in front of me, aren’t you?’

He glanced at her face. She was smiling at him.

‘Keep rubbing it,’ she said. ‘Go a little faster. Tell me when you’re near to cumming.’

‘I’m going to,’ he said, his voice little louder than a whisper.

‘STOP!’ she ordered. She went to a cupboard and took out a pint beer glass. He stood watching her, his cock throbbing and stiff, hands at his side. ‘You cum in this,’ she said, handing him the glass.

He started stroking his cock again, then moved the glass into position with his free left hand.

‘I’m going to cum,’ he said, and he did – almost immediately. She watched, smiling, her eyes intense but hard.

‘Good boy,’ she encouraged him. When he’d finally squeezed the last drop of his creamy spunk into the mug, she said, ‘Now you drink it, yes? Drink it all down – ’

Diana Shreffer
Silent Submissions

He looked at the old wooden table leg she was holding.

‘Anything can be a dildo, if you’re brave enough.’ She’d somehow managed to stretch a condom over one end of the leg. ‘Bend over for me,’ she said, smiling at him. ‘This is going where there ain’t no sunshine, mister – ’

‘That’s too big,’ he said. ‘It’ll split me.’

‘Shut up!’ She spat in his face then hit him on the side of the head with the table leg. ‘You’re a perverted little wimp and you’ll do exactly as I say – or I’ll make sure everyone knows all about you and your dirty little secrets. Now BEND.’

He complied without further complaint. What else could he do? He bent over and spread his cheeks with both hands. She came in closer.

‘This is going all the way up,’ she said.

On the third grunting try he felt the leg enter him. ‘Push,’ she ordered, and he did, slowly sliding on this huge wooden pole. ‘Look at that,’ she said. ‘I’ll be able to park my car up there by the time I’ve finished.’

He felt himself impossibly stretched around the solid wood. She began to move it in, and, not quite, out. She laughed as she worked.

‘I think you’re enjoying this,’ she said. ‘Look how stiff your cock’s become…’

Nigel North
House of Shame