learn my craft in private

October 5, 2017

I’ve written and published for years, but very little under my own name. Having read all my favourite authors’ first novels, I decided I’d rather learn my craft in private, so I wrote pseudonymously and ghost wrote fiction. Looking back, I’m glad I did! I’ve now started publishing short stories and poems under my own name and am working on two novels.

Megan Kerr
Interview with Jan Edwards – October 2013


The “tween times” between day and night are often the best times to see fairies so try looking for them at dawn (between night and day) and dusk (between day and night). Other good times to see them are at midnight (between one day and the next), any solstice or equinox day and May 1. Susan and I have discovered that we can see and hear them really well on October 31st when the veil between our worlds is very thin so you might want to try that too. Don’t look for them in bright light – they are much easier to see in low light situations, especially for beginners.

Natalie Lynn
Learning to see Fairies