My Beloved Sacred Masculine

October 14, 2017

there is a difference between the desire to fuck a women
and the desire to adorn her with your love
to shower her from head to toe with your kisses
to feel your tongue caress every curve and crevasses of her holy temple
to call out her wild woman
to suckle on her swollen breasts
to take your time to be sure no freckle gets left behind

a man who knows he is in the arms of a goddess
will ask permission before entering her sanctuary
will live to make her moan and shake
will, with his breath and presence, let her know she is safe to surrender all of her
as he holds the key to unlock her hidden chambers
he is a devotee to her sacred scriptures
one who knows how to bath in the waterfalls of her nectar
and awaken the songs of the ancestors in her bones

a man in his God nature knows how to use his wand
to call upon the Light
piercing through the veil of illusion
slaying the demons of her past
the sharp sword of Truth
leaving only the frequency of Love behind
and planting the seed of a new tomorrow

breath meets body
undulating to the pulse of one heart beat
snakes meet at the gate of the eternal
Soul, Sex, God – uniting
the holy trinity
we remember
remember union

no, this is not fucking, a way of the old paradigm
this is the rapture
the merging of souls
alchemical marriage

we are walking out of darkness
and embodying Light

Alila Sophia Grace


October 14, 2017

There is an image
Working to free my mind
From violent dawns
It probes at the backs of my eyes
It tells me I am prostituting myself
Here in my bedroom
In incestuous union with myself
I hallucinate and fantasise about
Doctors sons, butchers boys
Teenage thieves, deserters
Drug pushers, scandalous rent boys
Vagrants, pimps, prostitutes
And silk lingerie and don’t care.
I sit destitute of thought
An insane dissonance of macabre music
Playing out melodies of an image in my mind

Edgar Whitman Wilde


Many of the core attributes of shamanism described by Mircea Eliade (and by many anthropologists since) find resonance in the practices of pre-modern witches. Through a variety of methods – including ingestion of psychotropic plants and mushrooms, fasting, dance, illness, sensory deprivation – the shaman falls into an ecstatic trance. His/her body is left in a cataleptic state, whilst their consciousness is removed elsewhere, always with the aid of a totem animal. The shaman’s consciousness either becomes the animal or is guided by an animal during their out of body experience, enabling them to travel to a variety of metaphysical realms and bring back the required, or sought information. During these ecstasies, the shaman is able to encounter other shamans (both friendly and hostile), who similarly disassociate their consciousness from their physical selves. These are the basic components of the witches’ ecstasies described through the medium of their Christian persecutors. Whether these visionary episodes were remnants of pre-Christian Eurasian shamanism, or whether they were diffused from marginal societies in parts of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Siberia, where shamanism survived (in various forms) throughout the period, remains equivocal. But the ontological correlations strongly suggest that there was a medieval and Early Modern heretical witch cult in many parts of Europe, existing beneath the prevailing Christian orthodoxy, which utilised aspects of shamanism as its modus operandi.

Neil Rushton
Faerie Familiars and Zoomorphic witches

Brigit the goddess

October 14, 2017

Brigit i.e. a poetess, daughter of the Dagda. This is Brigit the female sage, or woman of wisdom, i.e. Brigit the goddess whom poets adored, because very great and very famous was her protecting care. It is therefore they call her goddess of poets, by this name. Whose sisters were Brigit the female physician (woman of leech craft), Brigit the female smith (woman of smith work), from whose names with all Irishmen a goddess was called Brigit.

Cormac’s Glossary (10thC)
Trans. John O’Donovan

My first ejaculation was a terrible shock. Like a seizure. An unexpected and terrible ripping of reality. Electrical currents in blue and gold sending spastic spasms of pleasure up me vertebrae; skull crushed in a vise in those first few seconds. Those never to be forgotten throbbing, animal convulsions and my head filling with white noise…

Neurological eruption!

Two’s company, six is handy…

The moist smell of her many amours clings to her, this young priestess of love…

Now is the time when lovers pant away their souls…

I will not die from this desire. Instead I will swim in it, relish it, crave it…