A Gift for You

November 12, 2017

around 530 is
a beautiful peaceful
you can just
hear the dog
David lifts his smoke
to his
lips forever
dangling chain
in the middle
of everything
bout the top shelf
or so. The party
at which
I sd that’s my col-
works and every
stared my home
was so small
is it
I’m not particularly
into the task
of humility
at the moment
but I’m
not against
it’s like that
beach ball
on a tiny

I think of as
with the larger
one on a
floating in air
my home
is large
love made it
large once
not to
get all
John Wieners
& believe
me love made
it small
this place
only had
sex unlike
the house
I love a house
I fear a house
a house never
gets laid
frankly who
doesn’t like
a hotel
I live in a
room a personal
one. A young
person very
much like me
was brutal
no personal
please it was
home perfect
for a party
now I’m
going fast. How
the description
of a drug
a room
& changes
the room
with going
say thus
if you
want to go
slow. To drink
the wrong
thing for a
for you
to lick my
& your

I met a dog
once, I
met a
dog named Alan
the calm
person writing
her calm
now & then
she shows
her sacred
she opens
her chest &
a monkey
is taking
a shit
on his
thing. You didn’t
know I
had so
much inside
me buckets
of malice
of peace
I don’t want
to go
all library
on you
now like
my mother
the mother of
god or
my brother
Jack who
sat in
a deck
of cards
when she squeezes
in getting
cozy I know
less what
I want
to say. I can open
an entire

room comes
out each
moment that’s
what I mean
not things
widen &
flow there’s
no purpose
to this.

Eileen Myles

To be completely honest, I’m fearful of her to this day…

A light came from her, from her eyes, and the whole world seemed to open up. Suddenly there were no limits to anything…

What could he do but worship her…?


November 12, 2017

Understanding the message…

November 12, 2017

Boys will be boys…

November 12, 2017

(OGERETSU Tanaka – Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata – The proper way to write love)

Honestly having a boy shaking in your arms because he’s so turned on he can’t think straight is the hottest thing, especially if he’s making pretty sounds…

(Natsume kazuki – relay-essay)

I have this incest fantasy where my brother comes in my room and takes advantage of me while he thinks I’m asleep. The next day I confront him and he feels so damn guilty and is very apologetic. So I make him my little bitch and force him to suck my cock once every day…

(Madobuchiya – Feeding Lamb)

Take the noises from my head, silence my mind from doubts, and show me your deepest, darkest, desires…

the kiss

‘It’s such a grey, impossible day,’ she says. She looks at the window, at the cold slanting rain. ‘I’m bored. You should entertain me.’


‘Strip off for starters. I want to see you nude.’ Smiling in that way she has, like a mischievous little girl who’s stolen some sweeties from a forbidden cupboard. ‘You know what I really love?’


‘Submissive men and boys who’d do anything to please me. I love that sound they make, that breathy little moan when they’re trying hard not to cum because I’ve told them they mustn’t. I want to hear you make that noise.’

I pull off blue tee and jeans and stand in front of her in the living room.

‘Make it stiff,’ she says. ‘It’s only half-erect. Rub it hard…Come on, harder!’ She wears purple lycra and black shoes. ‘You mustn’t cum. You understand?’

Yes, yes. I rubbed for her in earnest, rough, rapid strokes. I knew well the games she likes to play. She raises her head on slim neck and laughs gently. Her huge eyes are on the blur of my fist.

‘I’m going to cum.’

‘No! Stop!’ She is staring at my cock which is throbbing and feeling slightly chapped. ‘Lay on the floor in front of the fire,’ she says.

I lay down as instructed. I know what is coming next. She crouches over my face and gently lowers herself. I forget what it’s like to feel anything but fire. Feeling myself now a beastman, an eater of sweet girl flesh. She loves the gasping, desperate way in which I take in air each time she raises her bottom – gulping lungs trying to inflate like a lifejacket in this sea of pussy.

And while she squirms on my face, she rubs my cock, edging it over and over. Repeatedly she leaves me on the brink of ejaculation. Talking all the time. Always these illicit words. Praise and mischief rolling off her tongue. Driving me closer to cum. The she takes her hand away, leaving me feeling raw as a newly slaughtered lamb.

Finally, my Queen, following her fifth climax on her fleshy throne, rises from me. My face is soaking, awash with tidal flow. My poor jaw aches. Here, the antelope’s respite from the lioness. My cock is a frustrated, inflamed swelling, abused in her hands, misused to the point of madness. She has raised a terrible tumult in my circuitry…

I watch her at the window, her stretch. Arms akimbo, she bends from the waist.

‘Come,’ she says. ‘Time to lick out my arse…’