The real you…

December 24, 2017

Right There Yes

December 24, 2017

Some women fake their orgasms
to hear the sound of their own voices.
Ironically, it gets them off.

I, too, have written poems I wanted
to be true.

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

love every centimetre

December 24, 2017

I’m not a boobs or booty kind of girl, I’m an everything kind of girl,
I will get excited about your ears and your fingers,
I’ll lose my train of thought over your shoulders and down your back,
Your legs will need to be draped over me in some form at all times of relaxing so that I can run my hands over them,
Or your back will find a rest against my chest and between my arms,
I will praise your forehead and your eyes,
I will tickle the back sides of your knees,
I’ll blow warm air onto your cheeks and kiss your smile,
Sometimes your frown,
I will touch every inch of you that you allow me to touch because I will not solely love the curve of your ass cheek or the perk of your breast,
I will love every centimetre of you,
When I am focused on you,
You become more than a warm body to me,
You become my laughter and the place I need to mindlessly touch to feel home,
I will love all of you.

Asa Henson

She handed me the hitachi

December 24, 2017

sunday lesbian

The last time we fucked I just wanted to please her. I was focused on her mouth and her moans, my hands between her legs pulling a string of sounds from her lips, a serenade. I was focused and determined. When she shook with orgasm I collapsed on the bed next to her, smiling and satisfied.

I should have known from that look on her face that she had other plans. Anyone who knows Ms. O has seen that wicked grin, persuasive and so sure she’s about to have exactly what she wants.

“I want to be your pillow,” she said, biting her lip a little and looking up at me. She was lying on her back, her curves calling me closer. I blushed as she handed me the hitachi.

I might have confessed to her that when I’m all by myself I sit on top of it and grind against it. I could feel myself complying before I’d even thought it through. She has that affect you know. I followed her gentle instructions and climbed on top of her.

As I straddled her hips, my cheeks pink and warm to the touch, she turned on the hitachi and encouraged me. Her voice was like honey, warm and sweet as she told me just what to do.

She looked up at me as I humped against her tummy, the vibrations making waves through me as I rocked my hips against her. “Such a good girl,” she cooed, her eyes all over my naked body as I squirmed, perched on top of her.

My wet little cunt dripped against her soft belly, my head was dizzy. I was close. “Show me just how you do it, pretty girl,” she said as I gasped and begged and bounced against her.

I did just as I was told.

My Dirty Little Heart

burn between their legs

December 24, 2017

unwanted toys

She said, ‘As a child I liked best torturing my brother’s action figures. I used to do it with my best friend Caitlin. Twist their arms and legs and pretend to hear them scream. Once we tied them up and used one of mother’s cigarettes to burn between their legs. When we were older Caitlin and I tortured each other. Simple, but great fun. And the cries were real, no need for us to pretend.


December 24, 2017

Those welts blossom your skin plural, you looking
at me like nothing I need

Wendy Xu
from “Phrasis” (II)


December 24, 2017

On the divan, against the wall, on the floor, bent over, wrapped around, upside-down, downside-up, fast, slow, gentle, rough, deep, hard, loud, quiet, kicking over the lamps, wild, while Paris burns, again and again until there is no more breath in our bodies, that’s how I want you.

Christopher Moore
Sacre Bleu


December 24, 2017

There was no mistaking the power this man had over me. Like a well-made windup toy, whenever he set me in motion I came.

Elizabeth McNeill
Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair

Naughty Joke

December 24, 2017

Always keep this in mind

December 24, 2017

A wild cat mates as fiercely as she kills…