Naughty Trick 3

December 25, 2017

(T)onight we get kinky
(I) prepared all the tools
(E)nter my dark room

(M)ake me suffer. I
(E)njoy the pain

(U)ltimate bliss
(P)leasure attained

(C)andle wax poured on my skin
(H)umiliate me im hankering after it
(O)n my knees I’ll beg for it
(K)eep me on the line
(E)nsure my spice

(M)ake me lose control
(E)mmerse my soul

Harley Hucof

When the economy was booming

December 25, 2017

We used to masturbate to Radiohead
or slide in some Nine Inch Nails and hook
our thumbs around the jutting hipbones
of some skinny messy boy.

The world was ours enough at least to piss
and puke and fuck on. We repeated favourite mistakes
like solid gold records, spun our wheels in thrift store
stilettos, dotted vanilla extract on our wrists.

We erased the muscle memories of our mothers
by cooking recipes for homemade bombs.
We spoke only in famous last words.
We were free in the only way we knew how.

Nihilist joy whores. Kids kicking up sand.
Railing scowling Neo-Marxist darlings. The earth
we knew was made of crushed shoe box caskets
and chalk lines and the hot dust we all turn to.

You have to make your own sense. Fear wants all
or none of you, so become the bad element. Beat ‘em to the punch.
It will always be dangerous to be a girl, to be anything so soft.
Better to carry a lit cigarette. Spike your charm bracelets.

Walk with a death wish so strong
the Santa Anna dogs whine your song.
Better to control the lighting you’ll be objectified in,
even if it’s dark.
Even if you can’t see anything at all.

Mindy Nettifee

We joke about what we would actually steal

if we were breaking in for reasons other than carelessness.
A nice quilt. A DVD player from the nineties.

Week-expired milk. I am rich, I tell you.

It has been a week since I’ve been in my apartment.
I want to touch everything. I want to wash every dish
in the kitchen sink like a newborn.
I want to pull you to the floor to make love
among the ticket stubs, the bobby pins,
the evidence of living.

Sierra DeMulder

degrading acts…

December 25, 2017

I have to obey her – even when we’re engaged in really scary, disgusting and degrading acts…

concerned with ideas

December 25, 2017

dead leaves on the drive

I began my writing career as a playwright, although I was writing prose fiction as well, but my first professionally published works were plays. I have continued to write plays and have had some success also with translations or adaptations of French plays. What I enjoy about the use of dialogue is that it can show or suggest without stating. This sets up a relationship with the reader who can pick up on what is happening without being told. To give a simple example. I could say simply X was very angry but pretended not to be. Or I could suggest it by dialogue by having Y saying: “You’re not angry, are you?” And X saying: “No, I’m not angry! Of course not! I’m not angry at all.” That way, you not only make the scene more alive, you manage to suggest all sorts of things without spelling it out, like X’s irritability, his hypocrisy, his possible self-deception etc. etc. It is a primary principle with me that readers should be given the space to have their own views of events, to work things out for themselves. In “Evil Eye” which, as you perceptively point out has theatrical reverberations, I was concerned with ideas about spectators and participants. A spectator merely by spectating can alter the character of what happens. Perhaps one could go so far as to say that there are no such things as spectators, only active or passive participants.

Reggie Oliver
Interview in Bibliophage 3rd July 2015

Great Party –

December 25, 2017

He’s resting now…

December 25, 2017

Until Next Year –

You better watch out…

December 25, 2017

Those footsteps you heard in your room last night might not have been Santa’s…