scrawling a pentacle on my forehead

April 3, 2018

witch spell making

Last night was my Wiccan dedication ritual.

This morning, I’m different. Not overly so. I didn’t start my morning by scrawling a pentacle on my forehead and then dancing naked in the woods around my apartment. That’s not my style, and besides, getting evicted would be a rough way to start this new spiritual path.

Instead, I woke up after a peaceful sleep. It was raining outside. Instead of stressing out over the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get in my morning jog, I took one of the candles from my altar and sat on my screened-in patio. I lit the candle and asked the male aspect of the Deity I worship to join me. I thanked Him for the rain, especially since we’ve been having a drought. I thanked Him for the lovely morning and fresh air. I especially thanked Him for reaching out to me during my dedication the night before.

I was surprised at His reaction during the ritual. One of the reasons I am starting this new path is because of the difficult relationship I had with God during my Catholic upbringing. He always seemed angry and disapproving. He had to have everything just a certain way, and I was always doing it wrong. He seemed eager to punish and reluctant to show love. As comedian Lewis Black said, the God of the Bible really does come across like a raging alcoholic.

Jennifer Layton
A Mother, Father and Child Reunion

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