Easy mistake to make

August 4, 2018

Start a new career

August 4, 2018

A little shocking

August 4, 2018

Reader, hear my confession: I’m writing an unchaste novel. It’s a little shocking, even to me. In my previous books I’ve mostly written about sex by means of the space break. One reviewer claimed I’d written the shortest sex scene in the English language. I know the scene he meant; the action turns when one character notices a cellophane crackle in the other’s shirt pocket and declares that if he has a condom in there, this is her lucky day. The scene then proceeds, in its entirety:

He did. It was. (Space break!)

Barbara Kingsolver
A Forbidden Territory Familiar To All

squeeze your cock harder

August 4, 2018

Your struggles amuse me. Your cock in my fist aching for relief as I bring you close to the edge over and over. Listening to your pathetic little grunts and groans. Your hands twisting in their bonds and your chest rising and falling rapidly. You thrust upwards with your belly trying to attain the unattainable. You babble incoherently. I squeeze your cock harder and wonder what I should do to it next? Hot wax, maybe? Or those beautiful gleaming needles – ?


August 4, 2018

We are all wearing masks. That is what makes us interesting.

Neil Gaiman
Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances


August 4, 2018

To stand with mind akimbo where the wind riffles the ridge. Slow, slow jazz: it must begin before the instrument with bones dreaming themselves hollow and the dusk rising in them like a sloth ascending. Moon, night after night rehearsing shades of pause and spill, sifting into reed beds, silvering the fine hairs on your arms, making rhythm out of light and nothing, making months. What have I ever made of life or it of me, all I ever asked for was to be remembered constantly by everything I ever touched.

Don Mckay
From: Lift
Camber: Selected Poems (McClelland & Stewart Ltd, 2004)