This is what it feels like to split the shell of a woman.
Shards of her everywhere. Animal light spread across

the walls. For a second, I feel like a boy entering
a woman for the first time. My skin shivering as if pulled

from the banks of a river. Clothes shapeless on the floor. When she moves
beneath me, I wonder how someone could enter her like a hook

thick as ropes. Tear her into two. And he comes to me as if I’ve closed my eyes.
The braided scar above his lip. The clench

of teeth on my ear. Like this, he says, showing me how to peel her back
like husks.Like this.

Raven Jackson


August 12, 2018

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet…

The Final Truth

August 12, 2018

intense and pleasurable

August 12, 2018

Fucking you is fine. It’s intense and pleasurable. But I love the moments afterwards, you know? Breathing heavily and laying on each other. The smiles and little laughs while holding one another. I really like that too…

From where…?

August 12, 2018


August 12, 2018

Antigone:  For I am a strange new kind of inbetween aren’t I, not at home with the dead nor with the living.

Trans. Anne Carson