August 30, 2018

I am the unknown whispers of the dark hallways I tread, The darkness, how it disintegrates into a deeper one, leaving the world shallower, How many ghosts breathe inside my skin, how pale my veins beat, I have no idea if I can taste mornings anymore, as if I have been walking in an everlasting night.

Channing M
The Monochrome of Darkness

An interesting new soup

August 30, 2018

so messy

August 30, 2018

It’s all so messy: her hair, the bed, our words and hearts; life!

She is a thousand pages

August 30, 2018

She is a library. A mess of words. Of thoughts unspoken. She is a thousand pages, all waiting to be read. Touched.

All she needs is for someone to take her off the shelf.

Monica Lynn
She’s the kind of book only the heart could understand