From This Colour

September 2, 2018

A shadow passes
like steam from a mug.
The everyday blindness
of being alive, I wear like a bow
in my hair.
Into my hand a snowflake falls,
repeating patterns of intricate beauty.

Allison Greyhurst


September 2, 2018

controling her

I want to push you onto the bed and straddle you. No niceties. No small talk. Leave who you are at the door. Don’t tell me about your past or your exes or where you see yourself in five years. I don’t care. Not right now. All I want is to feel you inside me, let the blood rush roaring through my ears, blocking out all thought and sound.

I want to rip your clothes from your body, buttons wrenching from their holes, belt buckle clinking to the floor. The speed and frenzy with which you’ll be stripped down leaves no time for feeling self conscious. You won’t be shy. Not for me. I won’t let you.

I want to throw you around, see the soft bits of flesh dance under your skin from the sheer force of each impact. When you reach out to grab onto my hips, I will pin those strong arms tightly above your head and slowly, so slowly grind my cunt down the length of you. Oh, did you think you were running the fuck tonight?

I want to shove your head between my legs, grab a handful of your hair, order you around like my own personal servant, and hear you thank me for the privilege… before I forcefully, greedily push you down again. Lick me. Suck me. Ram that tongue deep inside me as you cover yourself with my wetness. If you do a good job, handsome, I’ll let you stay there all night.

I want to hear the sound of your tongue lapping against this sopping mess you’ve made as I buck wildly against your face. I want to feel you struggle for breath as I push you down further and clutch you to my cunt. I want to feel you instinctively try to push away, feel your shoulders tense and your fingers dig into my thighs as your face turns red. And I want to hear you whimper and beg and go so soft and needy when I take it away. Oh, I thought you wanted a break…? Isn’t that what you wanted? And then to see that look of quiet desperation in your eyes, your hunger and desire so obvious while you plead. Well, since you’ve been such a good boi… As you eagerly resume, permission granted, I’m only dimly aware of the sweet mantra of thank you’s being murmured against my clit.

Oh, my sweet Butch, my handsome boi, more than anything I want to press my thighs against your cheeks, cross my legs behind your head, to pin you right where you belong so you have no doubt exactly what it is that I want most.


A Femme’s Desire

cool night air

September 2, 2018

I’d left my window open, and it was pleasant to feel the cool night air flowing over our sunburned bodies.

Albert Camus
The Stranger

Femme Fatale

September 2, 2018

From The Femme Mystique, ed. Lesléa Newman.

Proof she cares

September 2, 2018

Yes, she cares. Right in the middle of an intense scene of bondage and deprivation she’ll check to make sure she’s not hurting me (too much), and that I still feel safe in her hands. That, boys & girls is true love.

Truth and Lie, the Legend

September 2, 2018

Legend has it that one day the truth and the lie came together.

– Good morning. Said the lie.

– Good morning. Answered the truth.

– Nice day. Said the lie.

So the truth looked around to see if it was true. It was.

– Nice day. Agreed the truth.

– The lake is even more beautiful. The lie answered.

The truth looked towards the lake and saw that the lie told the truth and nodded.

The lie said:

– Water is even more beautiful. We should swim, the two of us.

The truth touched the water with her fingers and it was really beautiful and she trusted the lie.
Both undressed and swam out calmly together.

Sometime later the lie came out of the water alone, he dressed in the clothes of truth and went away.

The truth, unable to clothe herself in lies, began to walk without clothes and everyone was horrified to see her naked in this way.

And this is the why, even today, people prefer to accept the lie dressed as truth, rather than the simple naked truth.