Short Talk on the Mona Lisa

October 28, 2018

Every day he poured his question into her, as
you pour water from one vessel into another,
and it poured back. Don’t tell me he was paint-
ing his mother, lust, et cetera. There is a mo-
ment when the water is not in one vessel nor in
the other–what a thirst it was, and he sup-
posed that when the canvas became completely
empty he would stop. But women are strong.
She knew vessels, she knew water, she knew
mortal thirst.

Anne Carson

tastes like fairy tales

October 28, 2018

She tastes like nectar and salt. Nectar and salt and apples. Pollen and stars and hinges. She tastes like fairy tales. Swan maiden at midnight. Cream on the tip of a fox’s tongue. She tastes like hope.

Laini Taylor
Daughter of Smoke & Bone


October 28, 2018

I indulge in lust, shameful and grievous lust, in my blood, in my wishes, and I cannot give it up.

Thomas Mann, The Black Swan
tr. by Willard R. Trask,

Halloween Playlist

October 28, 2018

An almost perfect Halloween Playlist compiled by that wonderful witch Orion Burke, just for you, boys & girls. Great music for a walk in the woods at twilight, or a casual stroll through your local cemetery after dark. Enjoy and have a blessed, eerie, and joyful All Hallows’ Eve –

1. “All Saints’ Eve” – Vincent Price
2. “Full Moonlight Dance” – Libana
3. “King of the Faeries (Remix)” – Áine Minogue
4. “Tam Lin” Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer
5. “Samhain” – Lisa Thiel
6. “Song for Samhain” – Victoria Parks
7. “All Hallow’s Eve” – Story, The
8. “Alison Cross” – Malinky
9. “She Is Crone” – Kellianna
10. “Samhain Night” – Jenna Greene
11. “Full Moon Light Dance” – Tina Malia
12. “The Uttoxeter Souling Song/Turner’s” – Blowzabella
13. “All Hallows” – Sharron Krauss, Jon Boden, Hay Field, Ian Woods, & Claire Lloyd
14. “We Are the Flow” – Lila
15. “Night of the Black Mirror” – Peggy Monaghan
16. “Samain Night” Loreena McKennitt
17. “Spirits of the World” – Áine Minogue
18. “Autumn’s Twilight” – Kiva
19. “Samhain Eve” – Damh the Bard
20. “Come to the Labyrinth” – S.J. Tucker
21. “Samhain (Into the Winter Nights)” – Elisa Welch M.
22. “Witchery Fate Song” – Jean Luc Lenoir
23. “Hecate” – Ruth Barrett
24. “Ancestor’s Song” – Kellianna
25. “The Banshee Set” – Bröceliande
26. “The Old Churchyard” – Offa Rex
27. “An Fainne Or” – Áine Minogue
28. “Samhain” – Heather Alexander
29. “Hallow’s Eve” – Lisa Theriot
30. “Unquiet Grave” – Kate Rusby
31. “The Lover’s Ghost” – The Owl Service
32. “Robin Is Dead” – Sharron Kraus
33. “So spricht das Leben (So Sayeth Life)” – The Mediaeval Baebes
34. “Cerdiwen and Taliesen” – Damh the Bard
35. “Dance in the Graveyards” – Delta Rae
36. “Wolf an Dro” – Omnia
37. “Tam Lin” – Trent Wagler and The Steel Wheels
38. “Souling Song – Samhain Version” – Kristen Lawrence
39. “November Drinking Song” – Magpie Lane
40. “Auld Lang Syne” – Mairi Campbell

kill you in the end

October 28, 2018

coffee anytime

Dawn. The immense amphitheatre of sky above the moor is slashed with scars of light. It is cold, bitterly cold. Yesterday we had a couple of unexpected snow flurries.

Life can be a bit like licking sugar off a thistle, you know. What you most desire and gives you the greatest pleasure in life will probably kill you in the end. But I’m a slave to my desires, my emotions and needs. So what will be, will be –

Time for a short poem:

The Sword Swallower’s Valentine

You had me at that martini. I saw
you thread the olive’s red pimento throat
with your plastic swizzle stick, a deft act
at once delicate and greedy. A man
paid to taste the blade knows his match.
The pleasure. The brine. I wish we had time,
I said — you stopped me — There’s always time.
That’s when they called me to the stage. I saw
your mouth’s angle change as you made a match
of my name and Noted Gullet! Steel Throat!
Ramo Swami, the Sword-Swallowing Man.

I want to assure you it’s just an act,
but since age seven it’s the only act
I know. My mother recalls that first time
she caught my butter-knife trick: a real man
might not cry, but the real boy wept. She saw
my resolve to build a tunnel from throat
to feet.A dark that deep could go unmatched,
she warned. Your smile is the strike of a match,

the hope of an inner spelunking act.
Facing the crowd, the sight of your pale throat
tightens mine at the worst possible time —
that fickle tic of desire. Yeah, I saw
his last show,
you’ll say. Lost focus, poor man.
Funny how women make and break their men,

how martinis both break and make a match.
The best magician will hang up his saw,
release his doves, if the right woman acts
to un-straitjacket his body in time.
If lips meet, the hint of gin in your throat
will mingle with camellia in my throat,
same oil used by any samurai man.
I trained against touch once upon a time,

not knowing a rigid pharynx would match
a rigid heart. I’m ready to react,
to bleed. As any alchemist can see,
to fill a throat with raw steel is no match
for love. Don’t clap for these inhuman acts.
Cut me in two. Time, time: the oldest saw.

Sandra Beasley