after Amber Rambharose

Clinical, sharpened. We were South-Korean rapture-girls, with big thighs and bigger wants. We out grew bunny-moons and Children’s Day by middle school. Instead, our mouths bloomed two tongues. We bled thrice on the bathroom floor. First: between our legs, Tampax tasting our insides. Second: the outside of our legs, when we poked flesh with razors. Third: the soft of our mouths, from when we tried to rip the first tongue out. Declawed and pagan / labia stitchings; all we wanted were straight noses and dipped waists and boys fatal to our bodies. Sarang-hae; our constricted throats

Noah Jung


October 31, 2018

lichtwelt, Light,

I want to write a book about the silences that fall between spoken sentences. Those moments of hesitancy between two people. It is, after all, such silences that we try so hard to fill – with words, with music, with the world’s endless cacophony. These silences reflect the distances between stars, the emptiness of space that traps the unwary dreamer in icy solitude. These silences can be the making or breaking of us.

hunting for you

October 31, 2018

I’ll be screaming through the afterlife. I’ll be hunting for you, buried under flowers.

Chelsea Wolfe
Two Spirit

Good read for Halloween

October 31, 2018

I need your teeth in me, slow and vicious, to tell me my armour is just skin, bones, only bones.

Jamaal May
The Whetting of Teeth

Halloween Surprise –

October 31, 2018

Is my soul too dark for you?


October 31, 2018

Is that the doorbell I hear – go see who’s there.