Soul on fire

November 4, 2018

She danced naked beneath the moon
her body wild
and her soul on fire

what are they doing to that poor boy

With him on his knees and his hands restrained I’ll stroke his dick until he gets very close to orgasm, and then when I think he’s right on the edge, I’ll let go and watch. I’ll wait about 20 seconds and if no semen comes out, start again. If you’ve done this perfectly, his semen will leak out about 10-15 seconds AFTER you stopped stroking it. He’ll be left sexually frustrated, but you actually DID give him an orgasm, its not your fault he didn’t feel it!

Bridgid Hargreaves
Dark Matters

silently weeping

November 4, 2018

In the novel they say omit nothing, harvest the entire goddamn world
In memoir they say the self is silently weeping, give it a tissue
In poetry they say the arrow may be blown off course by storm and returned by miracle

Alice Ostriker
The Liberal Arts

her mouth shone red

November 4, 2018

Her mouth was so inviting, so swollen, as if for kissing…Her dark hair was all over the pillow, a dark pillow, all around her. Even in the candlelight her mouth shone red, and it was half open like a flame.

Anaïs Nin
Life in Provincetown


November 4, 2018

Folk legend, fairytale, myth are thought of as escapist, but in reality they’re not – they’re distilled metaphor and truth.

Alan Garner
Interview for BBC TV programme Sleuths, Spies & Sorcerers

where feminine energy flows

November 4, 2018

It’s such an injustice that women have been made to fear the night. Women have such a strong connection to the moon and the night is a time where feminine energy flows and the goddess is in the air. The night belongs to women and being out in the moonlight is good for the woman’s soul. It’s a crime that men have tried to take that away from us.