Dreams & fragments –

December 3, 2018

Distant lights in faraway places; walking in the woods with the sound of heavy rain beating on the thick foliage overhead; the smell of damp earth and autumn leaves that look like small wrinkled brown faces underfoot; marble statues (with huge marble eyes) that walk in the dark, their purpose unknown, unknowable; endless dimly illuminated corridors; and lost cities trapped in time with secret knowledge of their own wild abandonment –

Sweet girls so full of grace – and naughty thoughts; exuberant October afternoons; Grandfather clocks tick-tocking in a dull back parlour; awkward silences that end in a kiss; The bright light from the moon in your window; darkness like wet velvet against the skin; doors that squeak open upon blackness; ghost whispers in your ear at midnight; the haunting cry of a dog-fox in the night; unfrequented places; a desolate stretch of snow at dusk; January afternoons whirling with snow; leaning gravestones enclosed by yew trees; faces beautiful with strangeness –

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