You Have to Be Very Careful

January 24, 2019

You have to be careful telling things.
Some ears are tunnels.
Your words will go in and get lost in the dark.
Some ears are flat pans like the miners used
looking for gold.
What you say will be washed out with the stones.

You look for a long time till you find the right ears.
Till then, there are birds and lamps to be spoken to,
a patient cloth rubbing shine in circles,
and the slow, gradually growing possibility
that when you find such ears
they already know.

Naomi Shihab Nye
Words Under the Words: Selected Poems

Blank Pages

January 24, 2019

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamouring to become visible.

Vladimir Nabokov
The Art of Literature and Common Sense


January 24, 2019

The kind of intimate that can make you cum just by kissing…The kind that leaves your pussy throbbing and makes you think that if your partner touched your pussy – you’d crumble at their very touch…

Oko Ninjah
confessions from my amateur heart

Poetry is a forsaken art not for those who write or practice it, but for many others. Yet there is a kind of grace that poetry offers, something that paradoxically is hard to catch with words, an elemental rush that Shelley tries to evoke in his “A Defence of Poetry,” that extraordinary chronicle of the exalted, impossible task of the poet from which we have taken the line for today’s resolution.

Toward the start of his essay, Shelley speaks of beauty and the way by which the intuition of what he calls “this indestructible order” is something granted to the maker of art. Then comes a leap of faith. He argues artists are “the institutors of law, and the founders of civil society” — in short, legislators: what they were called in earlier times.

Now this seems to me to be a leap that could not sustain the body that sought to land, from its free fall, into some possible space of survival. Surely we need to unhook the idea of the intense apprehension of beauty and “this invisible world” from ordinary legislation, our notion of congresses and parliaments, of procedures and plenipotentiary powers.

Meena Alexander
What use is poetry


January 24, 2019

A poem should not mean.
But be.

Archibald MacLeish
Ars Poetica

calm, sad people

January 24, 2019

I believed that writers were calm, sad people, knowing too much. I believed that there was a difference about them, some hard and shining, rare intimidating quality they had from the beginning,

Alice Munro
Something I’ve been Meaning to Tell You