My first submissive sexual experience

April 14, 2019

Stop me if you’ve heard this one – the older, more experienced man; the fresh out of graduate school ingénue. That thankfully, is where the similarities to 50 Shades end. No helicopters, no contracts, no extravagant gifts. There was however, a prolonged build up, mandated by him, which was oddly hot for a girl who was somewhat used to getting what she wanted from the boys she dated. He followed months of using the age gap (13 years) and our status as colleagues (yeah, OK, not a great idea) as deterrents with a serious and stern conversation where he explained his sexual proclivities over drinks. Instead of being appropriately horrified or cowed, I took a deep breath, finished my martini and blushingly confessed to having “borrowed” my dad’s copy of the Story of O when I was sixteen and having some interesting (but untested) proclivities of my own. He kissed me for the first time that night and two interludes of vanilla sex later (actually worthy of a story for another time), finally agreed to initiate me into this world I thought only existed for weirdos and freaks, not people like us.

Exotic Eva

My First DS Experience

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