Bruises galore, my crown is implanted into place. My smile fakes itself amidst the grotesque putty of crusty contusions and misshapen lumps. A fiendish prank mutated into a gory game; a multi-tiered charade of ruined cakery, rancid frosting, mottled pigmentation.

Wobbly high heels jammed onto skewed digits like jellied pigs’ feet seeping from hacked decapitation. Busting out of my evening gown, I’m the barnyard star of this maggoty parade. I’m the tainted creamsicle unfrozen; oozing all over your plate. Poisoning your meat & potatoes with my scintillating slimy pate.

FREAKY BITCH stamped on my sash, on my slit, on my slash-worthy flesh. I am sent down the stage with a clusterfuck – dead dahlias, belladonnas, spider mums. I am dragged down the dirty alley with a chain attached to the back of a pick-up truck.

I’m wearing my bathing suit and gelatinous feet. I’m bleeding through the crotch as zirconium flies off my tiara and then you want me to compete in the talent display. You want to gawk and squirm your hoggish trouser worm as I blend my piecemeal heart into a gruesome shimmy shake.

Juliet Cook


June 18, 2019

For me, writing’s the only thing that’s always real. I’ve never regretted a day I wrote a good scene, whatever else I screwed up that day. That’s what’s fucking real.

Scott Westerfeld,

I love reading novellas

June 18, 2019

The novella is probably my favourite length. That or what used to be called a novelette, a term you don’t see much anymore. But it was usually measured at about 10,000 words. In fact, my first fiction was for Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, and it was given that label. It gives me room to spread and tell a good story without having to write something that would be too long, too much information for a tale that’s better told at novella length. It’s a very natural length for me and I don’t pad anyway, so it’s good when I have a story I can tell and tell to its fullest, but yet, can finish it up with less time invested for a novel. I love reading novellas, and I love writing them…

Joe R Lansdale
Interview with Maggie Slater
Apex magazine 7th May 2013