Vile Romance

June 22, 2019

I am naked on someone else’s bed, bearing my
soul with my heart ripped out from its cage and

beating, beating, beating in my hands. I wonder
what it feels like to be loved, so I open my mouth.

as if the answer is yes. I wait as if there is an

answer at all. My nakedness is a concept, like
if I am naked enough then maybe our love will

last forever. But there is no answer, no response.
Things don’t work the way they are supposed to,

and love isn’t love if you have to bribe somebody
with a concept that won’t last. After he kisses me,

I put on my clothes; I don’t put my heart back
where it belongs. I give it to him, all red, all bleeding.

Two weeks later, he texts me saying that all the red
was ruining his clothes.

Keren Chelsea

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