August 10, 2019

In Wales, they love with abandon.
When a Welsh person loves you,
you’ll finally know your potential.
They are different from the Americans,
who are precarious with their love.
They are different from the English,
who are reserved even when you stand
in front of them, naked,
handing them your heart.
The English give you their love in cups:
here, you’ve been good. drink another glass.
But the Welsh, they drown you
in an ocean of love.
You have their attention, their
consideration. You have all of them.
They aren’t even careful to keep any
for themselves. It seems to me
that only the Welsh know how to love,
how to make someone feel loved.
Because when a Welsh person loves you,
you’ll finally know how it feels
to belong to poetry.

Kamand Kojouri


August 10, 2019

Lucky ( Rape )

August 10, 2019

You are broken and
crumbled in thousand pieces
You try to lift with
your tiny finger
the shreds cutting
and piercing
your deep
yellow heart
devoid of any pain
as the eyes gazes
from emptiness to nothing
As you pick up the pieces
And suck the pain
With blood dripping from your soul
your body turned inside out
shamelessly they took
the white soul
and stained it with
their tainted emotions
you let them have you
your eyes pried open
A witness to the living death
and the gore
they had you
they devoured
every shred of your living life
With blood dripping
going down the drain
you are lucky to have
the last gasp of breath
left inside you
you were lucky
they left the last
fragment of soul in you
you were lucky
you were pardoned
after being raped

Megha Sood

Lips touching lips

August 10, 2019

A single kiss can bruise your soul –

And Ophelia did you fill your pockets with nailpolish bottles and silent stones before you tiptoed into eternity? Your head was pulsing violently. Your stomach was bruised as though only that part of you had leukaemia. You longed to be an it again, walked calmly into yourself but while you were lying there, Ophelia, with the waterbugs chewing at your eyelids and your labia, oh as you slid, Ophelia, did you think of him? In your final moments did you still belong to someone else? Or did you sing lullabies as you choked to comfort that dying foreign life buried beneath your dress? Maybe you were glad to kill it – it made you feel so large, to kill something – as you drowned you stuffed your fist into the front of your panties and dreamed of rape. Your feet bled. You were finally a god, sweet girl; you were becoming an archangel. As you were disintegrating you were a woman-child, a sentient object who loathed and craved autonomy. Remember the variations – the colour yes and all of its hundreds and hundreds of Technicolor hues. There was no place for you.

Within the hour you would rise, gooey, your last confession on your lips: “We almost had a baby.”

Alexa Derman
Variations on Ophelia

Chess contains the concentrated essence of life: First, because to win you have to be supremely patient and farseeing; and second, because the game is built on patterns, whole sequences of movement that have been played before and will be played again, with slight alterations, in any one match.

Robert Greene
The 48 Laws of Power

Dangerous dare

August 10, 2019

Do you want a little taste of magic? Go ahead then and lick a witch…!

magic world

August 10, 2019

I want to raise up the magic world all round me and live strongly and quietly there.

Virginia Woolf
Diary entry February 1934

Facebook-backed researchers have managed to translate brain signals into spoken words, bringing the social network’s vision of linking brains and machines closer to reality.

A study published this week by University of California-San Francisco scientists showed progress toward a new type of brain-computer interface. The project involved brain implants, but could be a step toward accomplishing the goal with a non-invasive method such as augmented reality glasses with sensors.

“A decade from now, the ability to type directly from our brains may be accepted as a given,” Facebook said Tuesday in an online post updating a project announced two years ago.

“Not long ago, it sounded like science fiction. Now, it feels within plausible reach.”