There are books which we read early in life, which sink into our consciousness and seem to disappear without leaving a trace. And then one day we find, in some summing up of our life and our attitudes towards experience, that their influence has been enormous.

Anais Nin
On Truth and Reality
In favour of the Sensitive Man

translators and poets

August 13, 2019

Perhaps this is what we are really up against, as translators and as poets: a distorted scale of values, a denigration of feeling and imagination, a denial of the inner world.

Gounil Brown
Introduction to Edith Södergran’s Poems

lustrous innocence

August 13, 2019

And why is it that sea is the sole element that dream can’t transform? Its translucency remains intact in the dark, in lustrous innocence.

Etel Adnan
Sea and Fog

interned in a madhouse

August 13, 2019

In modern life, the world belongs to the stupid, the insensitive, and the disturbed. The right to live and triumph is today earned with the same qualifications one requires to be interned in a madhouse: amorality, hypomania, and an incapacity for thought.

Fernando Pessoa
The Book of Disquiet