September 8, 2019

I want to bathe you in words, sweet as the sweetest perfume and gossamer as the fabric of your dreams.

One of those days

September 8, 2019

The past year has been just one of those days…

But then last weekend I had an overnight stay in the Apocalypse Hotel with Miss Diagnosis. We had arranged a room with views of the beach and the sea: a room where the language of sex had not yet been invented; a room with a four-poster bed where we could explore the limitless expanse of our senses together, undisturbed by others.

And it was all very fine.

Not yet

September 8, 2019

Caress, be calm, patient, go slowly –

‘I don’t want to cum yet, not yet, oh God…I’m going to cum cum cuuuum!’

I think I’m bi

September 8, 2019

Women are so beautiful

take a woman down to her skin
and you can trace the lines of her back
like tracing the curves of silken cloth
every dimple
every curve

the crease of the neck
the elegance of the shoulder blades
the rolling divot of the spinal cord
the curve of her sides
the dimples at the bottom of her spine
her hips
that dint that curves around to her inner thighs
her thighs
her knees
her ankles

the feeling of pressing your naked body up to her naked body
your hands on her hips
your palms in her dimples
your chest on her back
chin in her collar
fingers in her pelvic crease
your lips on her neck
her arse fits into your pelvis
your tongue at her jaw line
hands in between her thighs
teeth pulling at her earlobe
fingers on her cunt
her cum on your fingers
your leg wrapped around hers
your hand tracing her outline
like rolling hills
and smooth

she’s so beautiful
and it’s all so perfect



September 8, 2019

I don’t have a cleavage.

If I stuff my boobs
in a push-up bra
all I achieve
is a rising dough effect.

My breasts have veined with time.

Shy tendrils have
eased across my flesh
and gravity has created
a bean bag consequence.

I remember reading
of a young girl’s breasts,
the writer (a male)
likened them to lemons,
the kind (I guess)
with teated ends.

No doubt he saw them
thrusting, impatient
with poking nipples permanently erect.

All I saw was thick rinded yellow
while my wry mouth filled
with a bitter after taste.

Joy Reid


September 8, 2019

Cigarettes After Sex

September 8, 2019

Sunday’s Biblical Bonanza

September 8, 2019

A man shall be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

The Bible
Old Testament
Genesis 2:24