September 25, 2019

Am I not alone, as I thought I was, as I thought
The day was, the hour I walked into, morning
When I felt night fly from my chest where prospect had
Slackened, and close itself off, understanding, as I thought I did,
That the ground would resist my legs and not let them
Break nor let them be released into air as my heart, in its
Muscle, might be released from the body that surrounds it,
Like someone who, placing a hand on a shoulder’s
Blade, felt a life move inside an hour and a day
Break from the day the hour meant something more than weakness,
More than fear, and flew forward into the depths of
Prospect, your arms, where you’d been, before me, waiting
For me, the way the body has always been waiting for the heart to sense
It is housed, it is needed, it will not be harmed.

Joanna Klink


September 25, 2019

First Proposal

Poetry is that process which through word, image, myth, love and humour establishes me at the living heart of myself and of the world.

Second Proposal

The poetic process is a naturalizing process operating under the demential impulse of imagination.

Third Proposal

Poetic knowledge splatters its object with all its mobilized richness.

Aimé Césaire
Poetry and Knowledge
trans. A. James Arnold
Toward the Open Field: Poets on the Art of Poetry 1800-1950, ed. Melissa Kwansny

Another Rant

September 25, 2019

Like a scene from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland the political tangle around Brexit continues. The Liberal NOT-Democratic Party feel the answer is to pretend the referendum never took place. Cancel it. Game over. Goodnight Vienna…

The Labour (we’ll tax the wealthy, if they don’t bugger off after we win an election) party wish to win a general election (they recently voted against such a motion in parliament), renegotiate the Brexit agreement with the EU, then have another referendum –

Currently polls show the result of a 2nd referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU would be much the same as the first?!?

However, Labour are suggesting the vote will be between their ‘NEW DEAL’ and remain. That will probably equate to REMAIN WITHOUT A SAY AND JUST PAY OVER THE DOSH TO THE EU or simply REMAIN.

Anyway, Mr. Corbynisky suggests that Labour negotiate a new deal and then campaign in a referendum without taking sides. Remain sitting on the fence, in other words. However, many in his party feel they should negotiate this new deal with the EU then campaign for REMAIN?!?


Bet you’re not as confused as the politicians within the EU.

Meanwhile Barmy Boris faces political extinction, stumbling about in the US and in the UK’s law courts in Churchillian oblivion, seemingly a willing sacrifice to the ravenous comments and criticisms of his many enemies, who react to him as if he were the Lord of Darkness himself, or the embodiment of a deadly retrovirus with no known cure.

Well, I guess we’ve all gone down the Rabbit Hole with Alice. We’ve had plenty of advice from the bloody Caterpillar, and are now at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Next will be…well, what else, but the Pool of Tears?! While the Queen of Hearts yells:

“Off with his head!”

Hi, all

September 25, 2019